Online Games That Teach Kids About Money

Online games that teach kids about money

Teaching your kids about money can be fun - it can also be a long process but thankfully there are some board games and online games that can help you make it a more interesting and fun subject, especially for the younger kids that easily get distracted.
** If you know of any online games to help children learn about money, please feel free to share them with us.

Online Games That Teach Kids About Money

The internet is filled with fun games that teach kids about money. Below are links to some of our favorite games.

Planet Orange Discover Planet Orange, and open your eyes to the world of money! Brave the desert, climb mountains, and dodge alligators while you explore everything there is to know about earning, spending, saving, and investing. Source: Planet Orange

online games teach kids moneyPractical Money Skills Games A number of addictive games from Visa that teach kids about money. Source: Practical Money Skills

Reality Check What kind of lifestyle does your child want? Have them answer these few basic questions and they'll be given a Reality Check. Source: Jump$tart

Savings Quest Interactive online budgeting game that tests kids' ability to save for the things they want while paying for all of the things they need. Source: Wachovia - Savings Quest

It All Adds Up Online games and simulations that teach kids about credit management, buying a car, paying for college, budgeting, saving and investing. Source: National Council on Economic Education

Escape From Knab Travelers stranded in the Cyberspace world of Knab must earn money and invest it wisely to get back home. Source: US Bank

FedVille Welcome to FedVille, a friendly town built just for kids where there is something to learn around every corner! Source: Federal Reserve Bank

H.I.P. Pocket Change A number of games from the U.S. Mint that teaches kids about currency and managing money. Source: US Mint

Fraud Scene Investigator Welcome to FSI: FRAUD SCENE INVESTIGATOR, an online interactive investor education program that teaches and empowers students how to detect and stop Source: NASAA

Bad Credit Hotel Have your child visit the Bad Credit Hotel, where a one night stay will teach them to control their credit. Source: Department of Treasury

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