The importance of money, business & investing Early

The Importance of Money, Business & Investing being taught to children early

I was sitting with a few friends at a group picnic that my local church was having. The sun was shinning, the weather was mildly cool for Florida and people were having fun. Then a friend of mine started complaining "I have to leave early, I have to go clean my house - I haven't had time to do anything at home." Another friend sitting by us asked her why - so she went on to explain that she runs a cleaning service and she's been real busy cleaning other people’s homes and hasn't had anytime to do any of her own things.

I couldn't help it, I just had to chime in and ask why didn't she expand, grow her business, have people work for her? She went on to explain "it's too much work. I tried it before and I can't find the right people that can do it as good as I want or like me. Besides my clients trust me and only want me - I would have to do commercial business to do that." At first I tried to explain to her that hard work [ working by herself ] and hard work managing people [ having people working for her ] is still hard work, except that she would have more free time and she would be able to enjoy days like this picnic rather than wasting it doing more work at home. It didn't work.

She politely said she appreciated the advice and that I was right, but - "it's just too much work" for her, she went on to give me a long list of excuses. That's when I realized that no matter what I said to her - she was not going to budge or change her way of thinking. Even though she was tired, over worked and complaining that she had no time for herself and family - she didn't want to put in the extra effort to improve her situation.

Why teach your children about money, business, investing at an early age

Children have something that most adults don't have - it's called options. Once your set in your ways it's hard to change. Once your an adult with bills, children, a dead end job - it becomes very difficult to make changes to your life or to take [ what adults consider ] risks.

But children have options because their young, they have time and freedom on their side [ mom & Dad pay the bills ]. While most parents are busy asking their kids "what will you do when you grow?" we forget to teach them that they have a world of opportunities. Opportunities they can take advantage of if they simply learn how to manage money, invest money and time in a business. No one says there is a set rule on how to do anything in life. If your child wants to be a doctor - fine, great, learn and prepare to be a doctor. But does that mean a doctor can't also have a business?

What of instead of a doctor only working for a hospital, the doctor opens his own office? Then that same doctor opens other offices and has new doctors needed experience to work in those offices? Then that same doctor buys a coffee shop, a gas station and then after 15 years with several businesses, the doctor retires. Then that same doctor just spends his days managing the business from a golf course he enjoys to play at?

It's not wishful thinking; the above mention hypothesis is real. It's a short synopsis of a doctor I know in my home town in Florida.

Teach your kids about their opportunities not get rich dreams

My daughter is currently twelve years old and I've been talking and teaching her about her options. That she could do more, be more, achieve more than her old man [ me ]. That is if she wants, she doesn't have to be just an employee, she can be the boss - that being an owner gives you more freedom, liberties, opportunities.

When she came home last summer from New York, she came back with a jewelry making hobby - we've tried to convert that hobby into a business [ opportunity to teach ]. This weekend she had her first sale, she was excited. It was her first tangible lesson about business. Her work had paid off; her struggle to push her shyness aside, to show her jewelry and actually make a sale cemented in her that what she was doing was not just wishful thinking. She could make money with her business, it was no longer just a hobby - it's an opportunity.

I am not trying to teach my child that being rich is better. I do not want her to look for the next "get rich scheme" only to be scammed. What I want is for her to understand that she has options, opportunities that are hers. That because she is young she has time to learn not just a profession but the knowledge necessary to be more than just another employee in a see of millions - but a business owner, an investor. That because she is young she can learn to make money, manage her money, build or buy a business, invest wisely and take calculated risk that will give her more opportunities and more options in life.

Do you want to work hard or work hard ?

As I said, I was trying to explain to my friend that there is no difference between working hard and working hard. What I mean is - that if she works hard to get by and complains that she is tired, overworked and has no time - it's no different than her working hard to build a business, manage people to work for her and dealing with all the hardships of being an owner.

The only difference between "hard work" as an employee [ or slave to a job ] and "hard work" managing a business that has others working for you, is that you have options.

If you’re trapped in a job your boss tells you when you work, how much you work and how much you will get paid. If you work hard to build a business that grows to where people work for you - you decide when you work, how much you make and if you even want to work...... to quote the bible: Jesus said "The poor you will always have with you" .

Now you may have a good job, lots of bills and feel like your doing ok. If that's what you want, good - as long as your happy. But if you want more and feel trapped and can't seem to get anywhere... like if you don't have any options. Why not teach your child that they do have options, opportunities and start today?

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