Kids become RICH in 21 days

Kids become rich in 21 days !
Ok, not really - it can and has happened, but that’s not what this article is really all about. At least the title may have caught your attention and that’s good - because YOU CAN TEACH YOUR KIDS TO BE RICH IN 21 DAYS.

It is a proven fact that habits are formed and/or broken in a span of 21 days. If you want to break a bad habit - just force yourself not to do that deed, action [or what ever] for 21 days. Studies have proven that if you repeat something over and over for a time span of 21 days it becomes a habit. You start to do that action, deed or such without even thinking. The same goes for breaking a habit - you just have to stop for 21 days and usually the habit is broken or replaced with a deferent habit that is.

As I found myself trying to teach my kids about money I ran into the same old obstacle every parent faces - a child with no desire to learn a difficult or uninteresting subject. In fact I said in my earlier post “ Money is not evil - being poor is evil ” that I was going to get my daughter to read the book “ Rich Dad Poor Dad “ by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Do not be lazy
money and kids
The effort was difficult at first - because I first tried the easy lazy approach - I asked her to read the book. I figured if I wasn’t pushy [ and she does love to read ] that she would do it and that would be that. It was the lazy approach and it back fired on me. Three weeks passed before asking turned into demanding her to read it. That approached failed as well - because she just could not grasp much of what she was reading [ even if some of it was basic to me ], why - because she had no real interest.

So I decided to take the familiar proven approach - be involved and sit with her to read the book. Ofcourse my rule was that she had to read out load to me so I knew she was reading and not zoning out and I was available to answer questions and be helpful. After all money is not an interesting subject to kids and this not only helps her but gives us a time to bond.

Our fist attempt was difficult - a lot of why, I don’t get it, do I have to read and the famous of them all - “I’m tired”….. But after four days of reading 1 or 2 chapters every other day - it’s turning into a bonding experience that has resulted in my daughter grasping on to some insight really quickly.

Keeping it Simple?
As we read one of the chapters last night - I found one of the books simple sayings to be very true - KISS - “keep it simple stupid” . It was one of the sayings the rich dad would tell his son and Robert as he taught them about money and how it worked. Robert was stating that the book had a simple way of teaching about money because 1- it was the way his rich dad could convey many complex ideas to them [ they were kids ] and 2- to point out that the book is not simple because it’s for dummies but rather that we over complicate things in our life.

money and childrenI want my children to learn about money - and I just can’t let some one else teach them - I simply can not sit back and wait for them to figure it out on their own. To top that off, it will be a process that will have to take time. A process of teaching them on a daily and slow process. Slowly but surely she is now finding it a nice time to sit , read and talk. She still complains some times when the chapter is long or she really wants to go watch TV - but like I said - in 21 days it will become a habit for us to sit and read about money, how it works and have a small conversation afterward.

Yes, she wont be financially rich in twenty one days - but she will have something most kids will not - a habit. The habit of sitting down to learn about money and to actually talk about how it’s made, how money works and what she can do to shape her tomorrow today. She asked me a simple question last night - can you work and own a business - my answer was yes.

My children, your children are smart. Smarter than we give them credit for. We want them to get good grades, graduate from school and find a good job. But we forget to teach them how to avoid the traps and pitfalls we’ve been in for years. Even a dead end job may seem secure - but if your laid off or have to work twice as hard for the same pay because your afraid of being laid off - only means you’re a slave. Stuck in a pitiful resentful life and you have to ask yourself? If you want better for yourself - why not do something to make it better for your kids. You can start with 21 days… 21 days can change your life and it can change the future of your children’s lives.

It is as easy as reading a book ..

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