Learn about money, kids learning math

Learn about money, kids learning math ?

While some may say that teaching my kids about money, building a business, investing for the future is a way of teaching my kids to be greedy - that I should be teaching them better qualities like giving, sharing and etc… to them I say [ *&%$#@! ] no just joking…

I would like to let them know that while I have been teaching my kids about money I have noticed that their learning about math. Yes math. Not just learning about math, but an appreciation of math and how “ boring math “ can be applied to every day life. My son calls it “Fun Math”.

" Fun Math " being fun causes desire to learn

My 5 yr old son has a bit of trouble staying still. When it comes to learning - lets say he has a low attention span. But since we started playing "cash flow for kids" where we have him count the dice so he knows how many spaces to move. Or when he counts out his moves or counts his money - it has given him a desire to learn more about math. He sits around the house, takes a book with him in the car and he practices math. Currently he only does adding, but he is only in kindergarten and I already showed him how to solve adding equations of up to three numbers.

Imagine that, a five year old who is solving how much is 300 plus 300 or 250 plus 200.… and he thinks that math’s fun! I love it, it just tickles me pink. Today he asked me if I had the day off, when I said yes he shouted "great, we can play the money game today…. Right?" What parent doesn’t want to see their child interested and excited about learning.

Math can be used in everyday life

When math gets complicated [ like algebra ] people usually lose interest because after all - when will we ever use it in average everyday life? Really - how do you convince a child that one day walking down the street he/she will need to take time to find out what "X" equals???

teaching kids mathBut while I was online with my daughter playing this game about running your own business, I ran across something that helped me show my daughter that yes, you can use complicated math in everyday life situations. There we were trying to solve how we can figure out how to make a profit from selling ice cream. All of a sudden they were asking us for percentage, how to solve the problem of profit ( X = sale minus cost ). Can you imagine that - the math most kids hate and say they will never use in ordinary average everyday life being used to solve an everyday situation.

Yes, I took the opportunity to point out to my daughter that math is important - learning how to solve for X, learning percentages and all the other boring math kids hate. It can help you in your business, in making you money, making you rich.

Why teach your kids about money

Why teach your kids about money, how it works, how to make it, manage it and invest it - well because you want a better future for them. And if that is not a good enough reason for you and you need a more noble just cuase… then because it’s an interesting fun way to teach your kids math. An excellent method to build interest in math and how learning math can help them in everyday life.

Even if they start learning because they want to be rich - atleast that interest in being rich will fuel a desire to learn more.

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